Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Return Of Tarzan?

The Mail on Sunday reports that Michael Heseltine is in line for a return to government, under David Cameron's premiership.

If this is true, coupled with the fact that Cameron has stated his wish is to stay a member of the European Union, it spells doom and gloom for Eurosceptics, whether in the Conservative Party or not. If Cameron's cabinet includes, as suspected, Clarke, Lansley and Sir George Young and Heseltine were to be added it is quite possible a small 'revolt' amongst Conservative members may well take place, especially with the commenters on Conservative Home.

When considering Cameron's infamous phrase "We will not let matters rest there", questions have to be asked, if the Mail report is correct, (a) what has Cameron promised Heseltine on Europe; (b) has Cameron forgotten that Heseltine brought down one leader and that what he accomplished once he can do again and (c) if a referendum is offered would one of the questions be 'in or out'?

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Fausty said...

Hezza and Clarke are big hitters, but they're also the most Europhile of the lot.

Any hint of Hezza getting a post (even as an advisor) will edge a few more potential Tory voters over to the UKIP camp.

The Tories must have a death wish, or they're not as Eurosceptic as they'd have us believe.