Saturday, 31 October 2009

Rentoul vs Oborne

John Rentoul, of the Independent, takes issue with Peter Oborne over some allegations made by the latter.

Rentoul's first challenge: "Name them, Peter" is ridiculous in that Rentoul, as a 'journalist', knows full well that 'sources' are never 'named' as it would be akin to 'biting the hand that feeds you'.

The second observation by Rentoul, that Blair opted for America rather than 'Europe' on the question of the Iraq war, is again illogical. It could well be argued that if Oborne's first assertion is true - and why should it be otherwise - then by ingratiating himself with America, Blair was but taking out 'insurance' that he would be welcomed and listened to were he to then become 'EU Prez'.

In any event, asked to initially believe assertions by Rentoul or Oborne, I know where my preference lies.

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