Tuesday, 27 October 2009

And The Reason We Have MPs Is.........

If ever there was a case for getting in the 'men in white coats' to deal with those members of our society who exhibit every indication that they have lost the ability of rational thought, then this must surely be as good a reason as any.

We all know that EDMs are pretty useless vehicles and most are created by MPs purely to 'get their name in the news' and to show their constituents that 'they are doing something'.

Were this particular EDM to become the subject of a full debate, what would its purpose be and what 'weight' would it carry? Answer to both is zilch! The decision of who becomes the figurehead of the EU, like just about anything affecting the UK, cannot be influenced by the people of this country, least of all our MPs.

Why do a group of people who gave up their right to govern their country still believe they do?

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