Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Politicians - Treacherous, Treasonous?

The Mail carries a leader and an article by Quentin Letts, both accusing David Miliband of treachery following his speech at the International Institute of Strategic Studies and his tour of the television studios promoting the candidacy of Tony Blair for the position of President of the EU.

When the question of EU membership and ratification of the Lisbon Treaty are concerned why single out David Miliband? Are not all those 'pro-EU' Privy Councillors guilty of a failure to stand up for this country, in view of their Oath of Allegiance? Are not ordinary 'pro-EU' MPs also guilty of treachery in view of their Oath of Allegiance? Have they not all agreed to subordinate themselves to a higher 'authority'? Have they not, in effect, made themselves redundant?

Just a thought..........

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