Sunday, 25 October 2009

A Thought

Apologies for 'harping on' about sheltered accommodation and older people, but................

I am in the process of reading a report on sheltered housing, its history, the aspect of the Supporting People programme, an important aspect in the provision of sheltered housing, and other matters.

Remember that the majority of people who live in sheltered accommodation are those who fought, or were involved, in two World Wars and thus were part of the effort to sustain the 'British way of life' and the country's independence. 

One comment, from a respondent who is an inhabitant of a sheltered housing scheme and who was interviewed during the compilation of this report, is this:

"We are a burden - we are nothing now. We live too long. All they think about is giving money to people who have not given anything, unlike us."

Question: Before we give money to 'others' - the under-developed world; the 'immigrant groups', to help them integrate; other 'countries' like the EU, to help in the creation of something the majority in this country do not want - should we not take care of those who helped to maintain the 'independence' of our country?

Just a thought...............

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