Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Future - And You Thought '1984' Was Bad?

Watts Up With That has a brilliant post - do go and read it. A 'taster':

"Personal carbon rations would have to be mandatory, imposed by Government in the same way that food rationing was introduced in the UK in 1939… Each person would receive an electronic card containing their year’s carbon credits …see the Tyndall Centre’s study on “domestic tradable quotas”… and their recent establishment on the political agenda…the card would have to be presented when purchasing energy or travel services, and the correct amount of carbon deducted. The technologies and systems already in place for direct debit systems and credit cards could be used.”

(Environmental Audit Committee minutes-House Of Commons-London)

If this is what going green means (or blue, red or yellow) then  it has failed - count me out!

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