Friday, 16 October 2009

The EU - Model or Forerunner?

Not being one for consipiracy theories, the more I read this post on Watts Up With That? the more I start to think there may be something in them.

This post of mine alludes to the possibility that our world leaders are using the EU as a model or forerunner for such a world government. Having said that - and on reflection - it can't be as a model because someone once said that if the EU applied to join itself, it would be refused on the basis that it is anything but democratic - but hey, in the context of what Lord Monkton says, what does that matter?

Perhaps in centuries to come - presuming of course that the global warmists climate changeists environmental idiots haven't killed off the human race - when we are trying to 'Afghanistanise' some far off distant warlord planet, we may well need a world government, but until then chaps - will you just f*** off!

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