Friday, 15 January 2010

Abuse Of Children

Courtesy of Dick Puddlecote comes the video below, which, when one considers the number of laws that this government has passed to ensure that children are 'protected', makes this video all the more hyprocritical, sickening and disgusting.

Where is the protection of a child's innocence, the protection of not being exploited?

And what the hell has using children got to do with the government's avowed intention to stop alcohol consumption by adults?

If ever anything demonstrated that this government is 'sick' in ideology, policy and its communication strategy then this video is it!

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Trooper Thompson said...

I suppose it's unsurprising coming from a government that wants to take naked body scans of all children.

I saw this on television and found it vile, as would any ordinary person with a functioning brain and conscience. More reason not to vote for the New Labour Nazi Fabian Paedo Party.