Friday, 22 January 2010

So What?

Jonathan Isaby, co-editor of Conservative Home, has an article in the Times today, in which the sub-heading is: "They are female or gay, state-educated, socially liberal. But the next wave of Conservative MPs will not be Cameron clones*".

One could be forgiven for immediately doubting the fact that they are not Cameron clones in that, over at Albion Alliance, we have been writing to all declared candidates (see data base) asking for their pledge to put country before party and to pledge that the voters will be given the referendum on Britain's membership that is wanted.  As responses have come in it is obvious that Conservative candidates have been provided with a 'standard reply' as something in the order of 95 per cent of respondents have used it. "....they are Thatcherite on Europe, tax, enterprise and defence." So Thatcherite in fact that, as mentioned above, they 'fall into line' and to as they are told when questioned on Europe.

"The new intake will be less white and heterosexual too. At present there are only two Tory MPs from an ethnic minority: that should be blown out of the water with Priti Patel and Helen Grant both entering the Commons in safe seats and a host of other non-white candidates standing in top targets. Similarly, the number of openly gay MPs is likely to rise from two to hit double figures.

Jonathan, I don't particularly care what colour they are, I have no interest in their sexual proclivities or whether they went to state schools. What I am interested in is whether they have a brain, whether they believe in country before party, whether they believe in true devolution of power, whether they accept they are in Parliament to represent the views of their electorate, whether they believe in the independence of our country to make its own laws, - that is what I am interested in. And whether they are sufficiently independent of mind to ignore their party whips when whips try to enforce party doctrine over the needs of the country.

* Not Cameron clones? - Oh yes they are - you know it, I know it and the 'thinking' electorate know it

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