Saturday, 30 January 2010

James, James, You Say The Nicest Things

No, I am not trying to 'bond' but refer to James Delingpole and his post that it is time for the tumbrils.

"I’m in no mood for being magnanimous in victory. I want the lying, cheating, fraudulent scientists prosecuted and fined or imprisoned. I want warmist politicians like Brown and disgusting Milibands booted out and I want Conservative fellow-travellers who are still pushing this green con trick – that’ll be you, David Cameron, you Greg Clark, you Tim Yeo, you John Gummer, to name but four – to be punished at the polls for their culpable idiocy."

Praising the likes of Christopher Booker and Richard North, amongst others, Delingpole continues:

"Yeah, maybe it isn’t the Christian way. But screw ‘em. It’s not as though they haven’t all been screwing us for long enough."

Bit like the EU, our politicians, bureaucrats, quangos, fake charities - err, would someone mind going to count the lamp posts? If we don't have enough, would you order some more? Thanks.

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