Saturday, 16 January 2010

Words So True

Nourishingobscurity has a post on the forthcoming general election and what we, the people, can do to influence the outcome. Before anyone takes the obvious course by saying: 'What can I do, I am but one voice', reprinted is one commenters view:

"Of course the little people can make a difference. The big people wield their might to make the little people think that they can’t make a difference. But the reason they do that is because they are scared of the little people and know that if the little people got together the little people would win."

The sooner the electorate at large realise this, the sooner they can reclaim the democracy that politicians have managed to managed to flush down the proverbial pan through their lack of morals, principles, adherence to party diktats and obedience to party whips!

Imagine if everyone decided to say to their candidates - no pledge? Then - no vote! If candidates will not pledge to give the people of Britain a vote on the most basic question there is today - namely who governs this country - then why the bloody hell is anyone voting for them?

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