Saturday, 16 January 2010

Gordon Brown At The Fabian Society New Year Conference

In what could be described as Labour's start to their election campaign Gordon Brown has been preaching to the faithfull.

Almost at the start of his speech he uttered a sentence that must strike fear into the hearts of the majority in this country: "Although we have achieved so much, our work is not yet done." In 'Labourspeak' this translates as: having done so much to wreck Britain's financial state and in so doing creating a debt burden for generations yet to be born; having 'buggered-up' our constitution; having created the greatest invasion of personal privacy known to mankind; having emasculated our educational system; having handed the bulk of our law-making ability elsewhere - we still believe we can make it even worse.

Brown, discussing the forthcoming general election, continued: "....the future of jobs is on the ballot paper. The prospects for young people are on the ballot paper. Trust in politics and constitutional reform are on the ballot paper. Climate change is on the ballot paper. Debt and deficit reduction are on the ballot paper. Britain’s future as a world economy is on the ballot paper. In short; people’s aspirations are on the ballot paper." In other words, having 'screwed-up' in every area that is on the ballot paper, Gordon Brown now wants to spend untold millions billions of money that is not his to correct his mistakes and he expects the electorate to 'fall' for this line? Unbelievable!

He also states in this speech: "And as we recover we have, like other countries to deal with higher deficits and debt." FFS Gordon, who created this deficit and debt? Debt that you obviously have no wish to discuss, like the costs of PFI and public-employee pension funds which are not 'on the books'.

Another sentence which demonstrates the problem with socialism is: "And so an active and enabling government is needed......". All this means is yet more central government control over business, our lives and our freedoms (those that we have left). In fact the entire speech is nothing more than a justification of this socialist creed of 'control', with yet more 'social engineering' of our society.

Yet again Gordon Brown mentions his upbringing and his values, his hopes and aspirations, the need for 'fairness' - yet do you notice one word that is missing from this speech? A word and subject about which he had  nothing to say? Yup, that is right - DEMOCRACY!

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