Friday, 29 January 2010

Cameron At Davos

Conservative Home has a pdf of iDave's speech at Davos and some sections of this speech deserve comment.

"The stakes are high. The fate of our global economy for the next few decades rests
on the decisions of this generation.....

How very true Mr. Cameron - and it does not help when decisions are based on the latest money making scam known as 'Climate Change'!

"And it’s why, as a last resort, we might have to consider quantitative easing too."

Burning our Money shows one illogicality of that here, which has resulted in this.

"Reasons like the disconnection between capitalism and people’s lives because someone working in the local branch of a global corporation can feel like little more than flotsam in some vast international sea of business their destiny decided by someone else, somewhere else as globalisation can turn into monopolisation, sweeping aside the small, personal, local competition in our neighbourhoods."

Now while iDave, our future prime minister, is here discussing the financial world, does not this line of argument also underline exactly why we should get the hell out of the European Union pdq - or is finance different from democracy?

"So if markets, and capitalism, and the activities of individual businesses conflict with our vision of the good society and a better life if damage is being done to our environment, or if family life is being undermined we must not sit there and take it, going along with the old orthodoxy that nothing should be allowed to impede the pursuit of profit. We must speak out."

Just who is the 'our' to which iDave refers, 'cause it sure as hell is not 'our vision' but rather 'his vision'! And if politicians and the activities of individual businesses (dare one mention several connected to one man by the name of Pachauri ? Go read Richard North and the 'Pachauri Thread!) conflict with reasoned argument, if such activities increase taxes on everyone, if family life is being undermined by the increased load of taxes - must we not speak out? Yet to do so is to be labelled 'Deniers' and to be told by the likes of iDave that he has decided the policy - end of discussion!

Afterthought: And iDave wishes to 'control' Britain's economic policy? Going to be a tad difficult if the first item in this is effected!

And it was thought The Fourth Reich could never happen?

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