Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Privatisation of End-Of-Life Care?

Subrosa has a post detailing a new move with regard to 'end-of-life' care in Scotland which raises questions of principle. Follow the links in Subrosa's post for sources. I am all for privatisation of public services where such a move can be shown as being cost effective, but for end-of-life care to become a business run for profit? That sucks!!

If our politicians consider the NHS a 'national treasure', requiring yet more and more money to be poured into it - with little result it could be argued - then should not more and more money be poured into another 'national treasure' - aka our elderly and their 'end-of-life' care? The politicians cretins that treat the elderly so abysmally need to remember one simple fact - it won't be long before they are classified as elderly and my one wish is that they too suffer from 'know-nothing' bastards dictating their 'care' and 'end-of-life!

Of course, were we not pouring circa £60million per day into funding the European Union, not only would we be able to look after our elderly but we would also be able to, relatively quickly, solve all those other pressing financial matters we have.

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