Saturday, 30 January 2010

Remembering The Past - Oh Those Were The Days!

Sir Terry Wogan - one of the few 'celebrities' to whom I defer and gladly use his title - recalls his days in banking, when he first started work - fond memories.

I had 'fond memories' brought home to me today, when paying one of my infrequent visits to my branch of Lloyds. What caused that? No screens!

Following a refit, the interior of the branch looked just like a bank in the 1950s - you could actually talk to the bank clerk in a normal level of conversation, no 'metallic' sounding voice answering, no bullet-proof glass twixt you and the other person.

It is often said that what goes round, comes round! Let us hope it does not take democracy as long as Lloyds to bring a little 'personal touch' and 'customer service' back into our lives! On inquiring what prompted this change, I was informed that Lloyds had listened to those who used its services.

Perhaps politicians and bureaucrats should go and work for Lloyds for a short while?

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