Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tebbit 'Words Of Wisdom'

From a post by the 'semi-house-trained-polecat' (Michael Foot) comes these words of wisdom:

"Someone yesterday mentioned multiculturalism. That is enough to spoil anyone’s lunch. So perhaps we could agree here and now that the expression “multicultural society” is a contradiction in itself. A society is defined by its culture. Though, of course, one can have two societies with different cultures in one territory. Sri Lanka is a good example of this, and the Middle East is another. Having overcome rivalry between Protestants and Catholics, and learned to live in harmony with the Jewish faith and other minority religions and cultures by accepting a society based on Judaeo-Christian principles, we should be wary of those who seek to implant a rival culture with its own legal systems and standards of public behaviour to keep separate its followers from the mainstream of our majority. Apartheid is made no better by being voluntary." (emphasis mine)

Maybe Raedwald has a point?

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