Monday, 25 January 2010

Its The Economy - Stoopid!

Bagehot's Notebook, on the Economist website, posts about the two press conferences this morning by Brown and Cameron. Obviously the economy is important, but it is not the most important subject that the political leaders should be debating, or 'homing-in' on.

As Bagehot says: "The one big thing the press conferences had in common was that both men ducked questions about how exactly, or even inexactly, they would cut public spending." So, even when both men try to dictate public debate and opinion, they are unable to provide the answers that the public want.

To quote my 'anti-hero', iDave, apologies for 'banging on about Europe', but the most important question is Britain's membership of the European Union and the question of who governs this country. On subjects such as the economy, immigration, foreign policy and generally how this country functions (eg working time directive) whoever wins the election is beholden to Brussels for whatever steps they wish to take.

The reason for the preceding statement is contained in a previous post: ".... once a State decides to enter an organisation it is no longer free, and its own wishes are no longer decisive..."

Well, you two muppets - which one of you is Miss Piggy and which one is Kermit? Difficult question as, on the face of it, it can be argued that you both have had 'your snouts in the trough'.


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