Monday, 18 January 2010

Legalised Extortionism

Richard North, EU Referendum, picks up on a story in the Daily Torygraph about the sacrificies that people are making to be able to pay their energy bills, a problem caused by the increase that has taken place in those bills. What is dispicable is that this increase is purely to pay for (or subsidise) the Global Warming Climate Change Pachauri Scam that has been inflicted on us and which the Lib/Lab/Con have all had to put forward as 'policies' due to their subservience to Brussels in the matter of 'energy', as in so many others.

What Britain needs is for a politician to say that enough is enough and that this scam has to cease! 

Unfortunately for that to happen we need to get the 'f' out of the EU! Whatever its faults there is only one party campaigning to do just that - well at least one that understand this 'democracy thingy'.

Politicians of the Lib/Lab/Con are all now discussing the issuance of 'pledges' and 'guarantees' - and for what purpose? All those parties 'promised' (as in manifesto) - one even gave a 'cast-iron guarantee' -  a referendum on membership of the EU and all three of them promptly bloody reneged!

And the Lib/Lab/Con are begging for our votes now? Beg all you like you unprincipled bastards, cause you ain't getting mine!


subrosa said...

On a lesser note we have the disgrace that Scotland has to pay a fortune to have its electricity connected to the grid while most of England receives it at a discount. I pay nearly 40% more for mine than my Lincolnshire friends and the electricity is generated not far from me here.

Witterings From Witney said...

Oh SR,

At my age there are not that many young ladies that I hope I can count as a friend. Were I to lift the lid on that Pandora's Box I am deeply worried that you may no longer talk to me!