Thursday, 21 January 2010

Now That Is A Manifesto

Governmentitus, in his 'Thursday rant' proposes some sensible policies:
  • Exit the EU. Immediately.
  • Exit the CAP and reclaim our fishing waters. Once outside the CAP we can look to buy from farms in Africa and Asia who cannot sell to us because of the CAPs price distortions.
  • Reform Parliament; it needs a new form and purpose.
  • Abolish regional assemblies in England, and reform local government structures.
  • Re-establish democratic control and oversight in Parliament.
  • Have a referendum on whether to remain as the United Kingdom or whether to continue as separate self-governing nations.
  • Cut Taxes.
  • Cut Welfare so that a working wage is always more attractive than claiming welfare.
  • Cut government jobs where they serve only to bloat the bureaucracy and size of government.
  • Establish an annual referendum and tools for direct democracy, so that people are in control of the direction of national and local government. If it was not in the manifesto, and it is a big issue, call a General Election for a new mandate or get one direct!
  • Establish a system for locally elected sheriffs/chief constables.
  • Take the necessary steps to cut Government debt and spending so as to aid recovery.
  • Launch an investigation into how the banks ended up being supported by public funds, and how £850bn was committed without any Parliamentary vote. Prosecute if the law has been broken.
  • Implement an actual immigration policy… or at least talk about immigration openly so that people’s opinions could be noted and taken account of when making a decision.
  • Implement a new treason act
  • Privatise or abolish the BBC
  • Make Judges appointments subject to Parliamentary scrutiny, including appointment by vote.
  • Put people in prison when they break the law including the long forgotten notion of assault on a person and damage to capital.
  • Bring back matrons
  • Bring back dedicated local policing
  • Shrink the national curriculum to 50% of school content, and invite parental groups and teachers to write the rest individually for each school.
  • Ensure that political parties can only accept donations from individuals and limited to £2,000 per year.
  • Begin to publish ALL public expenditure online. Every single penny of it… including the name of who approved expenditure when above a certain limit.
  • Abolish all QUANGO’s. If it get’s tax payers funds and is a part of the government it gets a Minister in Parliament to account for its actions and budget; and the opportunity for oppositions questions.
Yup - go along with that!


subrosa said...

Me too. I'd vote for it like labour voters. That is I'd vote early and often.

Witterings From Witney said...

Damn! forgot that joke, SR!

Daniel1979 said...

Thanks for the referral Witterings

Daniel1979 said...

... and the endorsement!

Witterings From Witney said...

My pleasure dear chap - perhaps you should 'rant' more often?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Broadly agreed, but as to welfare reform, UKIP published theirs/ours today. Well worth a read, worth forwarding etc.

microdave said...

Some great ideas in there, but for it come true an awful lot of turkeys would have to vote for Christmas!

You would effectively be destroying the civil service as well as the current parliament. Oh, and don't forget Common Purpose as well....