Saturday, 23 January 2010

Warner Lambasts iDave

Gerald Warner, writing on Telegraph blogs, tears into the 'Airbrushed One' with a vengeance and also exposes how a 'fake charity' works, in their own words, to "ensure UK political leaders deliver ambitious solutions to global environmental issues."

As a piece of 'filleting' of Cameron and his policies adhering to this 'greenie' myth, it is a brilliant post and should be made required reading for everyone. It is no wonder that the Conservatives are calling for an early election - which they won't get - as the longer it takes to happen the more Conservative policies are being shown to be ill-thought out.

What with this madness on the global warming scam and his absolutely undeliverable policy on EU membership methinks a lot of his supporters and potential supporters are going to throw Dave - let alone his toys - out of their prams!

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Sue said...

Are the Conservatives thick? They have about as much idea of what ordinary people are thinking as the Labour Party do. God help us!