Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Conflict Of Interest?

Ian Parker-Joseph, on IanPJ on Politics, posts on the attitude of one candidate who seeks our votes in the forthcoming general election.

The type of attitude exhibited by the candidate in question is typical of responses which the Albion Alliance have received during their campaign to request candidates agree to provide the means for the people of this country to have the referendum on membership of the European Union that is wanted.

Candidates of the three main political parties - and their parties - seem to have this quaint idea that they set the agenda, that they decide matters on what their electorate may, or may not, have a choice. That is not what democracy is about, is it? Surely it is the job of our elected representatives to enact those policies that we, the people, wish.

Unfortunately where this element of choice is so evident is in the present situation where the three main political parties all dictate to their electorate, where all three main parties appear to have the same agenda - an agenda which ensures their 'dominance' over their electorate. One can but hope that the electorate will not vote on the basis of choosing the 'lesser of the three evils' and will exercise their democratic right by voting instead for one of the other parties.

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