Thursday, 21 January 2010


Over at Albion Alliance we have been attempting to hold all candidates to account by asking two simple questions - namely will they place country before party and will they work to ensure that the British people are granted the referendum they want on our membership of the EU.

A lot of sitting MPs are refusing to respond on the basis of what they term 'Parliamentary Protocol', which they state only allows them to respond to matters affecting their constituents. This is total and utter 'rowlocks' in that they are only too happy to get 'air-time' pontificating on any subject that they are asked - and in order to get that 'air-time' they dont give a 'tinkers cuss' who asks them!

So even when a sitting MP is asked by one of his/her constituents - do they reply? Dont be silly! As an example I quote the text of a letter to Cheryl Gillan, Conservative MP - Chesham & Amersham, by one of her constituents and which still remains unanswered:

"Very shortly you are going to be campaigning and asking for my vote in this constituency at a General Election.

One of the biggest single issues for me in deciding who to afford that vote to will be on the matter of the UK’s relationship with the EU. I am disappointed and angry that this relationship has been developed and cemented by politicians without my permission. Every major political party has promised me a referendum on this issue, and has then denied me that vote, including a pledge in the Conservatives current manifesto.

I have therefore decided that despite voting for The Conservative Party at every General Election I can no longer vote for any candidate that is unwilling to put the people and country before their Party and whip, and as such I am looking for a personal undertaking from yourself that you will pledge to give me that referendum vote, otherwise I feel that I will not be able to cast my vote in your direction and will look to one of the other candidates.

In order that this pledge becomes a matter of public record, I urge you to sign up to the Albion Alliance, (http:/, a non-alligned cross party campaign group, dedicated to ensuring that the voters of the UK have their say on the EU. Come election time it could just boil down to this: No pledge, No vote, no matter what party colours you wear.  Please take a look at their website where you will see a list of pledges from across all major political parties.  I have included their email address in the CC bar so you can pledge directly; alternatively you can go to this page and do so

Thank you for your attention."

Here we have a representative of a political party who say they believe in 'devolution of power' who can't be bothered to reply to a constituent and can't be bothered to discuss a core policy!
Anyone know the female version of 'bastard'? 'bastardess'?

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microdave said...

With a near 14,000 majority, SMUG bastardess would probably be appropriate...