Saturday, 23 January 2010


Goodnight Vienna, writing on Calling England, makes some very valid points on the suggestion that the Conservative party may adopt the idea of using 'prison ships'.

I have never understood the prevailing idea - driven by Human Rights - that those who break the rules of society should still be able to enjoy the 'benefits' of that society. Those that do should automatically lose any 'benefits' of that society and that includes the 'pleasures' and 'privileges' that society affords its members. Since when did punishment mean that you did not lose those benefits of a society which offenders obviously scorn?

The sooner that politicians legislate that 'life means life', that a sentence of, or example, 10 years means 10 years of deprivation, discipline and loss of liberty and pleasures - and it does not matter how well you behave during your incarceration - the better! Perhaps the adoption of 'chain-gangs', having offenders carrying out the 'social duties' that society pays taxes for, might just (a) lower the taxes levied and (b) teach offenders a lesson they may never forget.

Perhaps 'chain-gangs' of MPs might cure the 'expenses scandal'? Just a thought.......

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AntiCitizenOne said...

I like the LVT => Citizens Dividend idea. As it implies you're part of society and reimbursed for the costs of others property (location value) rights. When people transgress the rights they've been paid for then it is only right that they lose both the dividend and their liberty.