Thursday, 21 January 2010

What Did Us Sceptics Say?

From the Open Europe press summary for today comes the following:

".....the European Commission has indicated it will seek new audit powers over national government accounts. Outgoing EU Economy Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said the Commission will propose "a new regulation in order to obtain powers, which we've already requested, to give Eurostat the possibility of carrying out audits." The Commission made a similar request in 2005 but was rebuffed by member states, who were reluctant to hand over power to Eurostat".av

So, having dug ourselves a hole - courtesy of f'wit Brown - and which it would seem is likely to get even deeper under the idiot who can't even control his personal finances but who thinks he can manage Britain's - we aren't to be allowed the privilege of rectifying it ourselves?

And it also now appears that we are to be invited to partake in "environmentally-friendly" (scroll down the first link above) driving tests and speed limits. Well, here is a simple test for those in Brussels - Are you British and are you elected by the British people? No? Well F'Off!

It also seems, from the same Open Europe link that "Die Welt reports that according to experts, the EU will not be able to meet its self-set targets for the reduction of fishing by 2015". Oh dear - another EU policy cocked-up 'hook, line and sinker'!

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