Saturday, 16 January 2010

More Conservative Propaganda

Conservative Home has a post by Time Montgomerie on the effect the question of immigration, based on a YouGov poll, could make to the outcome of the general election, the headline of which is:

When are politicians going to 'square' with the public? Were David Cameron to make such a promise - and we all know from the recent past that his promises aren't worth the paper they are printed on - the ability to reduce the number of immigrants would only affect those from outside the European Union wishing to enter Britain. And how many of the electorate know this? Very few one would contend, because the MSM don't point this out in their supposed fair publications, neither do the BBC, ITV or Channel Four.

What is deceitful on the part of the Conservative Party is to put out this information without the qualification that is explained in the preceding paragraph. To be fair, this is not a deceit of which just the Conservative Party are guilty. It is, unfortunately, also true that deceit is practised when considering the energy policies that are proposed by all three main parties as these are dictated by Britain's membership of the European Union.

On a personal level I am incandescent with rage at the manipulation of facts, on any given subject, that political parties now practise. It is odd that politicians are so quick to punish organisations that mis-represent their wares, yet who is there to punish political partes for, in effect, mis-representing their policies?


Optimistic Cynic said...

But what about the bone idle press?

Take the story about "alcohol cheaper than bottled water" that seems to come around occassionally. This is only true if you compare unbranded alcohol with branded water. But does the MSM ever spend even 5 minutes checking Tesco or Sainsburys grocery sites to look at these things?

No. And people wonder why blogs are so popular.

subrosa said...

Part of the reason politicians get away with this is the MSM though WFW - you know that.

If we had quality independent journalists as we did years ago then it wouldn't be nearly such an easy ride for them.

Trooper Thompson said...

If the liblabcon were truthful, their manifestos would all be the same and one line long:

'We will do what we're told by our EU masters.'

Parliament used to be the heart and lungs of the political system. Now it's a mere appendix.

p.s. what's WFW?

James Higham said...

It is the utter deception and lying which gets on my goat. And we thought Brown was bad.