Wednesday, 27 January 2010

So What Happens Now?

Norman Tebbit posts on the Government's defeat in the House of Lords on the question the Equality Bill. One section of his post exemplifies not only the folly of Britain's membership of the European Union but also underlines the fact we are unable to pass our own laws and that, if questioned, a court in a foreign country will decide 'our law'.

"......government defeat turned almost to a rout when some of its friends pointed out that it really did not matter a scrap which way the vote went as the law governing who the Church of England may, or may not employ, is not the law enacted here in England by our Parliament, but the law of Europe as dictated by our masters in Brussels.......The Government now has a problem. Should it ask the Commons to vote for the European authorities against freedom of conscience and religion or risk a case being brought against a church – or God forbid, a mosque – and decided in Europe, not here in Britain?"

And Parliamentarians believe they 'matter, that they are very important people'? 

They are no better than an animal in a circus ring jumping about to the crack of an alien whip!*

* Pretty good analogy, eh - even if I say so myself!


Anonymous said...

Good article, even better quip! TVM.

Witterings From Witney said...

Thank you!