Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Criticism Of The Media?

Andrew Neil has a post which is well worth reading on "Glacier-gate and Hurricane-gate -- how many "gates" can one report contain? --  and now comes Amazon-gate".

However one telling sentence is well worth repeating:
"The bloggers, too easily dismissed in the past, have set the pace with some real scoops -- and some of the mainstream media is now rushing to catch up."

So bloggers have done all the investigative work - Watts Up With That, Richard North, Christopher Booker, James Delingpole and Bishop Hill as examples - but isn't that what journalists are supposed to do - investigative work? As has been said before on this blog, journalism per se would appear to be an occupation for 'cut & paste' merchants.

What would also have been nice of Andrew Neil would have been for a few blogger's names to be mentioned?

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