Monday, 25 January 2010

Not My Fault Guv

Adam Boulton posts on this mornings press conferences by Brown and Cameron and one particular passage stuck out:

"More revealing still was the labour leader’s view of what the election should be about. Not a referendum on the government past performance, he said, but an examination of two competing policies for the future. He accused Cameron of ‘flim flam, PR, and not really having changed’.

Of course Brown does not want a referendum on the government's past performance and for that reason wishes to concentrate on the future and the 'fix' that is necessary. Once again, Brown can't see past the end of his nose as human nature being what it is, by concentrating on the future 'fix', voters will ask the obvious question: whose fault was it then. On that one question it can be argued that Brown will spend more time defending his past record than on discussing the future 'fix'.

Brown has two matters which, again, it could be argued are 'on his side'.  Firstly, yes, Cameron is guilty of 'flim flam' and 'PR' and yes Cameron has not 'really changed' in that he has always been a closet Europhile! Secondly the other point in Brown's favour is that the voters are still wary of 'what is waiting in the wings' - namely the Conservative Party.

Whilst we, the public, are locked into a 'three-party-choice' - with no real 'choice' due to all three being Europhile on the EU, believing in central government control, disciples of the 'green' scam and, despite their protestations, not really believing in devolution of power except on their terms, it results in the 'choice' being extremely limited. One can only hope that voters will turn to the other parties, even if only to register a 'protest vote'.

The latter suggestion is one that all three main parties seem to have forgotten, ignored or just don't wish to countenance - but they should as it really will throw the result of the general election 'into the lap of the Gods'!

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