Sunday, 31 January 2010

How About 'No-Brains' Willetts?

Dubbed by the media as 'Two-Brains' Willetts, David Willetts,  Shadow Secretary of State for Innovation, could well be described as in the heading to this post.

His latest utterance is summarised on Politics Home's Dashboard as "Scepticism about politics to blame for Tory poll figures" in which he bleats about 'hard decisions'. Digressing though, one has to ask 'what hard decisions' as the Conservative Party's details about these 'hard decisions' and 'cuts' are noticable by their absence.

Listen David - is there something about the Davids within the Tory Party that makes them collectively so 'thick' - yes there is scepticism about politics and it does not help your cause when, as a Party, you break your word, will not 'level' with those you profess to represent, totally disregard those who pay for your lifestyles and in so-doing continue to act as 'dictators', 

For the avoidance of doubt - and this may be hard for Willetts and his ilk to understand - we, the people, don't like being lectured to, told how we must think, speak and act. Politicians would be far better respected if they asked their paymasters what the latter wanted and then enacted that!

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subrosa said...

And so say all of us! Well I suppose I can only speak for myself. :)