Saturday, 23 January 2010

Conservatives 'Economical' - With The Truth?

It really does seem as though iDave and his cohorts have lost the plot when it comes to promoting or answering questions on Conservative policy - and they believe they should form the next government?

Much was made yesterday, by the Conservatives, 'rubbishing' the story in the Daily Telegraph that motorists would be hit with increased taxes to pay for 'green' policies with George O reportedly saying on Radio 4 that they had no such plans and that the story was 'bizarre'.

Yet the Conservative policy document 'Reconstruction - Our plan for a strong economy' (downloadable from link on right hand side)  states on page 4, right hand column, 5th paragraph: "A commitment to increase the proportion of taxes collected from green taxation, with revenues from new green taxes going into a families fund that can only be used to reduce other taxes on families."

Coupled with this lack of political 'nous' is the dictatorial attitude exhibited by the Conservatives, who are increasingly resembling the present government when looking at regulating society. The latest example comes with Ian Duncan Smith, on the 'alcohol problem'  accusing supermarkets "being as close to immoral as you can get" and wishing to join the bandwagon of those advocating the 'cure-all' fix of raising tax.

Perhaps Ian Duncan Smith, if he wishes to tax those 'as close to immoral as you can get', should be looking at taxing the politicians of the three main parties - as they are as close to immoral as you can get! It must be 'as immoral as you can get' to tax the public, thus increasing their costs, while ensuring that MP's alcohol is sold at rock-bottom prices within the Palace of Westminster!

The irony of Conservative policy solving our problems is exemplified by a statement from Eric Pickles, the Conservative Party Chairman, discussing a 'hung' parliament: "No one would have a clear mandate, it would be hideous, it would be hand-to-mouth and it wouldn't last very long". Never mind no one having a clear mandate - with the 'corrections', 'denials' and 'apologies' by their Leader, 'hung' parliament or not, the Conservative Party seem to have policies that are hideous, are 'hand-to-mouth' and don't seem to last very long!


James Higham said...

They certainly haven't done a very good job. Who's advising them?

Sue said...

They´re copying Labour. They keep changing their policies. Perhaps someone should tell Dave to make his sodding mind up and to actually find out what the majority of Middle England actually want?

UKIP seem to be the only ones and now Conservatives are copying Labour once again and bunching them in with the BNP.

How sad... they must be worried!