Sunday, 31 January 2010

I For One Have Had Enough!

Of this bloody incompetent government control freaks (and freaks they surely are!) telling me what to do, think and say. Witness, just today the following 'pronouncements':

Ed Miliband declares war on climate sceptics: So, because I don't accept what he says I am a 'denier'; because, in view of the examples of data being 'skewed' and I question the basis of what I am being told, I am a denier; because time and time again the IPCC has been found wanting in its 'evidence', I am a denier; because the head honcho - hailed as the chief scientist of the IPCC and yet is not scientist but a railway engineer - is proven to be a crook (big-time), I am a denier.

Douglas Alexander then promises the IPCC head honcho crook £10million of my country's money to fund 'research'. Director-General TERI and Chairman IPCC Dr RK Pachauri........yup, the head of the IPCC gets money for use by a company of which he is also head honcho!

In line with the Stalinist inclinations of this government, I then learn that Andy Burnham now proposes that parents with children should be prevented from lighting up in their own homes and cars if their children are present. WTF! And how precisely does this idiot reckon such a policy could be 'policed'?

Yet that is the mindset of this bunch of socialist freaks - those of us old enough have seen it all before in the late 40s and during the 60s and 70s - do as I say, not as I do, and, in any event, you don't have a choice!

What is even more irritating, frustrating and extremely sad is that the next collection of 'control freaks' ain't going to be any different!

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P.C. Stuart Gray said...

I'll Police the smoking parents, nae problem.