Friday, 22 January 2010

Dave Misses The Point - Again!

iDave wishes to lead the "most family-friendly government we've ever had", according to this quote from Politics Home.

Saying that: "The state does have a role in helping you be a good parent" leads one to believe that what is going to happen is yet more state intervention. Leaving aside the measure to fund the tax-break for married couples - the method of paying for this it would appear the Conservatives have yet to discover, what other than 'intervention' involving for example parenting classes, could any government do? Parenting classes - compulsory for all, including MPs? 

Actually, on the point of taxing motorists to pay for a married couples tax-break (which George Osborne was forced to deny), are not the Conservatives failing to recall an on-line petition against taxing the motorist that attracted 1.8 million signatures? It does rather suggest that, as with most things, the Conservatives have opened mouth without first engaging brain.

Back to the subject of this post - all politicians are in denial about the reasons for bad parenting as this can be laid at the emasculation of our education system where it seems children are not taught anything worthwhile. Besides having 'knowledge' planted in my brain, both my parents and my school taught responsibility, pride in appearance, consideration of others, the importance of family, pride in one's country and above all respect. This is not to say that all children are lacking the foregoing, some most definitely are not, but it would seem the vast majority are.

Digressing slightly (again), on Monday whilst delivering leaflets, a door I have previously been to opens and a man - approx early twenties - appears with two toddlers at his side. "Er, no fanks mate, I don't read too good and only look at the pictures". Talking to this chap it transpired that he blamed his teachers who, he maintained, made no attempt to make him learn or who seemed interested in even trying to help him learn. To his credit he made the point that neither of his two children were going to suffer what he felt he had suffered and as a consequence 'missed out'.

And who is to blame for our poor educational standards? Ah.... er..... sorry its on the tip of my tongue.....oh yes - politicians. Now if the provision of education was truly devolved to local people, that would be a different matter. By all means let central government decide on and set minimum requrement levels, but they should then 'butt-out' and leave it to local people how those minimum levels are taught and the type of school they, the parents, want to provide that education.

So forget about policies that provide you with 'control' Dave, trying coming up with policies that give people real 'choice' - it may just help your abysmal poll ratings. Oh, and on the subject of 'choice' why not give the people a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU as a trial of such a policy?

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