Friday, 29 January 2010

Subversion of National Governments

Open Europe's press summary, for some reason not yet on-line, reports today that|:

"58 think-tanks to receive €6.7 million in EU subsidies
The European Commission will this year pay €6.7 million in subsidies to 58 think-tanks and NGOs which have "an openly pro-integration position", reports EUobserver. The top 10 recipients include the European Movement International, €430,000 and Friends of Europe, €192,000. Only one recipient of funding is critical of the EU institutions - Statewatch, which gets 39% of its budget from the Commission. 
Think-tanks including the European Policy Centre, the Centre for European Policy Studies (Ceps) and Notre Europe, who claim to have objectivity all receive EU funding. Notre Europe's Funding Officer Jennifer Hoff is quoted saying, "We are really trying to diversify our funding because we do get criticised for this." 
Open Europe's Pieter Cleppe is quoted arguing: "They [the EU] are setting up their own committees claiming that these are independent think tanks when, in fact, they are cheerleaders for the EU. They do not question the EU to the extent they would if they were not being funded by it. That's the whole point of the grants."

EU Observer has the full article here and included is the old EU mantra "I think it's fair that an EU citizen should learn about the European Union of which he or she is a part. We make no apologies for explaining what the EU is about" - aka propoganda! Tellingly, of the 58 only 1, Statewatch, which gets 39 percent of its budget from the commission, is a devoted critic of the EU institutions.

Big Brother indeed!

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