Friday, 22 January 2010

Tebbit On Europe

Norman Tebbit's blog is required reading and in his latest post he discusses why he wants out. Two main points emerge.

"Our history has shaped our society to be different. We have suffered no invasion nor conquest since 1066 and no civil wars, revolutions nor military dictators since Cromwell’s time, and we have stopped one attempt after another to create a pan-European state. Philip of Spain, Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin have all been frustrated by the people of these islands. In short, we have form as a destructive force against European political and military union."

"Churchill was right. We should wish European union well – so long as it does not seek to cross the Channel. Certainly I have no ill will towards our friends on the mainland, but I think it is time the British dog got out of the federalist manger"

Says it all really - so can we now just get the ..... out?

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