Friday, 22 January 2010

Hugo Rifkind Has No Truck With Yanks

Yanks? Yanks? Listen here Hugo, dear chap, did they not teach you that to refer to people from the United States of America as 'Yanks' is politically incorrect in that it could well be considered offensive, resulting in a 6ft 6in 'Yank' rearranging your facial features?

Our Hugo's political leanings are all too clear from the tone of his article and he really must be corrected on one particular matter.

"We have a show over here called Newsnight. It’s a news programme, although you guys probably wouldn’t recognise it as one because it sometimes reports on stuff and doesn’t just involve loud men with fake tans competitively stating their hilariously polarised views."

Er, Hugo - unfortunately it does just involve loud men with fake tans stating their hilariously polarised views: Peter Hain, 'Mr. Permatan' himself ?

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