Thursday, 21 January 2010

Arguing Against Oneself?

Open Europe has a post which basically provides the reasons why Britain should leave the EU. Open Europe provides a source of great statistical knowledge, but at the end of the day they give the impression that they are but a mouthpiece of Conservative policy.

"When will the EU establishment start to open its eyes to the problems that citizens all across Europe can see". No, OE, the EU will never 'open its eyes' as to do so would only highlight why the bloody organisation should be dismantled!

Take the points OE cites:

How can the EU win back support for its existence from the British people when they never really had that support in the first place, especially as the 'project' has unfurled?

It is not an encompassing 'impression' that Brussels legislates regardless of the peoples wishes - it is a bloody fact! By stating that the rules and regulations could well be introduced at national level admits that the existence of the EU is unnecessary!

To state that: "The Court also has an interest in a constant expansion of its areas of competence. The same is true for the European Parliament." exemplifies the fact that the expansion is done by those who are unelected and unaccountable and is, therefore, not 'democratic'.

The statement that: "European integration is only feasible if the public is also involved. We are a long way away from this, perhaps further away than ever. And if European citizens ever reject the EU in its entirety, we risk creating a mountain of political rubble of historic proportions." just shows that European intergration can never happen as the public are not involved! In fact the public have never 'been involved' in the first place! And to talk about "....creating a mountain of political rubble of historic proportions."is utter rubbish. The fact that nations can decide their own future is political rubble?

For Open Europe to post the question encapsulated in their final question show how little they understand the problem caused by the EU's existence!

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