Saturday, 23 January 2010

There Is Another Choice

Since 1945 Britain has been 'governed' by both Labour and Conservative parties and the result has been a reversal of ideas, creeds and policies when either party has assumed government from the other - and the result has been to the detriment of the country.

With the latest polls from ICM/NOTW, Conservative Home 'crows' about a possible majority of 38 for their party, which does nothing but to compound the problem explained above and continues the 'dictatorial democratic rule' which both parties have imposed on Britain.

Maybe the time has come whereby the voters should look at an alternative system of government, such as that enjoyed in Switzerland - whereby voters actually decide the direction their country takes, that decides on what laws should be passed and, in so doing, decides how their society wishes to live. 

Such an idea has been put forward in 'The Plan', authored by Carswell and Hannan, yet surprise, surprise, not one of the main political parties has agreed to implement this in its entirity. Why? Simply because it would mean an end to 'government control' of local decisions and, possibly more importantly, government's ability to 'dictate' what are political 'creeds', thus controlling us, the voters. The Conservative party, like Labour and the LibDems, talk about 'devolution of power' but their proposals still contain that element of central government control and funding of policies. As such these 'policies' are what Americans call a 'crock of shit', meaning they are not worth the paper they are written on!

Britain has had 50 plus years of the three main political parties telling voters how they believe voters should live, behave, think and act. Has the time not come where voters now decide to give a party who has an alternative view - a view that allows people to decide for themselves how they wish to live - to be 'given a chance'? What is there to lose? Five years of an 'experiment' - an experiment that has been 'set out' in what is virtually a 'draft manifesto' and one that affords 'true democracy' - can be no worse than the 'tit-for-tat' form of government that has been inflicted on Britain.

Ukip, for all its faults, is the only party - and having come second in the last country-wide election held should, whatever the other 'so-called' parties and the media consider, be classified as one of the major parties - that has incorporated the basic ideas proposed in 'The Plan', namely self-governance through leaving the EU, devolution of power, referenda on national and local issues, locally decided law & order, etc etc.

Yes, other parties offer policies similar to Ukip, policies that have some value. The point is that, if after 50 years the options that have been offered to voters has not worked - and it hasn't - logic dictates that alternatives should be considered.

The Albion Alliance has begun this process of 'voter power' by asking that all candidates standing in the forthcoming election sign a pledge to, in effect, put country before party and to actively work to grant the voters of this country a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. It is only be voting for those candidates who believe in the proposal by the Albion Alliance that an alternative method to how our society is regulated can be instigated. Only from that original decision - whether we should be a self-governing nation - can the other proposals, encapsulated in 'The Plan', be implemented.

Just another thought from WfW.............

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