Friday, 29 January 2010

I Wonder Why!

Tim Clougherty, writing on the Adam Smith Institute website, poses the question "Support for less government?". He highlights that while Tim Montgomerie, of Conservative Home, has noted that the survey shows a shift towards the political right, Mark Wallace, of the Tax Payers Allicance, meanwhile, has talked about ‘Libertarian Britain’. In discussing the findings of the British Social Attitudes survey he homes in on the statistic that "basically, 50 percent of those surveyed wanted the state to remain the same size (that is, taxes and spending should remain at their current levels). 39 percent want a bigger state (higher taxes and more spending). Just 8 percent, meanwhile, support a smaller state (i.e. lower taxes and lower spending)."

Tim continues "But on the other hand, all polls can be misleading, and this one is probably no exception." Exactly Tim! And probably, in this case, because none of the three main parties have really discussed true devolution encompassing local tax raising revenue powers - be that a local sales tax or a land value tax. He also states "Perhaps a more accurate reflection on the results would be to say that most people are happy with the state providing the range of services that it currently provides, and that they would rather not have lower taxes if the price of that were fewer services. However, if they could keep the range of public services currently on offer but also have tax cuts, it is not unreasonable to suppose that they would go for such an option." Once again, exactly Tim! 

Of course, the option and method of keeping the range of pubic services on offer, but to also have tax cuts, has never been fully explained to the electorate because none of the three main political parties wish to relinquish their 'control' of the country's 'purse strings' - in so doing it would only serve to demonstrate that MPs are not necessary for local communities to exist.

This only serves to illustrate that our MPs believe they are 'born to rule' and have no inclination to 'listen' to their electorates - whose views they are supposed to represent. It is ironical that the only time MPs seem willing to 'listen' to their electorate is when it is necessary for them to return and beg for votes! Unfortunately, having 'begged' for our votes, they then disappear from our world and continue acting like 'elected dictators'!

Elected MPs are too beholden to their party and are forced to place party before country, a creed enforced by party whips and the apparent dictatorial attitude of their leaders. As was said in this post "If 'remoteness and arrogance' are exhibited running a party, one has to wonder what would be exhibited when 'running' our country!"

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