Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Now Why Would One Think Two and Two Made Four?

I found this on the BBC website. Then I remembered this (see last link).

Cynic that I am - is 'someone' 'paving the way' by suggesting something that they know they will have to 'oversee' in the near future? It also raises the question of exactly what has been 'agreed' at ministerial meetings in Brussels?

Would make a mockery of all the 'policies' on economics that the Lib/Lab/Con are proposing - would it not - aka it would just underline their inability to 'make financial policy'?

Exactly who is being led by who 'by the nose'?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Y'can never have enough regulation, it's all good stuff. what could possibly go wrong by putting a load of unqualified self-interested faceless and unsackable bureaucrats in charge?