Friday, 29 January 2010

Charles Moore Misses The Point

Writing the op-ed piece in tomorrow's Telegraph, Charles Moore unfortunately misses the point in his piece entitled: "You can't stop the terrorist threat unless you profile it."

Moore cites the example of Azad Ali who, until recently, was "the president of the Civil Service Islamic Society (he works at the Treasury). He is chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain’s membership committee, and on the council of the civil liberties organisation, Liberty. He sits on a Whitehall body advising the Director of Public Prosecutions about counter-terrorism and is treasurer of the Muslim Safety Forum, which has an official role in trying to oversee police dealings with Muslims. Moore then relates some of the work Azad Ali has done, writing about certain individual Muslims. "But still Azad Ali is in the Treasury, in the MCB, on the council of Liberty and giving his views about police behaviour in the Muslim Safety Forum"

'Hard-line' it may be, but the sooner this country can make its own laws and in so doing reject all this Human Rights, Equality and Diversity crap the better. This man, Azad Ali, should be prosecuted for the insults he makes to this country, to our society and for his abuse of the privileges he has by his residence here; is imprisoned and then deported - or deported immediately!

Immigrants want equal rights? Then let them earn them by showing integration, by working hard and accepting the society they have chosen to enter and enjoy the benefits of. They should also remember one simple fact - every journey has the opportunity of purchasing a return ticket!

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