Saturday, 3 April 2010

And This Is Called 'Journalism'?

A report in tomorrows News of the World reports that the EU has renamed the English Channel as a 'small internal waterway”.

"MPs were stunned to see drafts of the “Transmanche Atlas” and find the Channel had been renamed “small inland sea, the Franco-English Pond". No surprise there then as our MPs seem to have, nor wish to have, any knowledge of the EU and their 'designs' - with one or two notable exceptions.

What is more important is that schools are being fed what amounts to 'political indoctrination' - and there is nothing new there, either - with georgaphy being 'warped'. And to demonstrate the paucity of the Conservative Party's attitude towards 'matters EU' we get this quote from Caroline Spelman, Shadow Communities Secretary, that: "Hard-working families and pensioners will be outraged. A Conservative government will scrap these Euro plans and save the English Channel." Now that really will be a 'neat trick' if they pull that off! Note, also, the phrase 'hard-working families and pensioners' bit - all designed to gather a few more votes(she hopes) .

Spelman, like her Leader, seems to talk, quite frequently, through the wrong orifice". Heaven save us from the Conservative Party - and 'journalists' employed by the News of the World!

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