Thursday, 15 April 2010

Another Benefit Of EU Membership!

The Parliament reports that the 18 'ghost MEPs' created by the Lisbon Treaty have entered the European Parliament and been given 'observer' status, although they will not officially be allowed to start work until June 2014, after the next European elections. Despite not being able to work as MEPs, they will be entitled to annual salaries, plus tax-free allowances for every day of their time 'in limbo' in Brussels. They are also able to claim back business class travel and staff and office allowances. The article notes that the total cost to taxpayers by 2014 is likely to be in the region of €30m.

Nigel Farage is quoted as saying "Welcome to virtual politics, this has to be the political expenses scandal to end all expenses scandals. The perfect politician for today's elite, one that takes wages and does no work at all.

The last sentence is applicable for Britain's soon-to-be-elected politicians too!

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Adam R. said...

It's like phantom Congressional districts that got stimulus money last year. One guy decided to run for Connecticut's 00th district, lol.