Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Barcelona Event

For some time, amongst Eurosceptics, the onset of even more 'EU allowable' immigration with the admission of Turkey (pop. 80million) has been a source of extreme worry. Even allowing for just 10% of Turks heading for the 'promised land' of Britain with its free handouts would indeed put our public services under the kind of pressure no-one could begin to imagine. To even expect our politicians to begin to understand, or even know how to fund this, is beyond their mental capabilities!

But just suppose that it was then learnt that something called the Euro Mediterranean Declaration, otherwise known as the Barcelona Declaration, could also pave the way for the inhabitants of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel to gain access to the EU 'right' of 'free movement of goods people and services'? This was also covered in an article published by the Brussels Journal in 2007, whilst Richard North, EU Referendum, wrote about the idea of a Mediterannean Union in a post during 2008.

Needless to say, you will not hear Cameron, Brown or Clegg mentioning the above and it follows that it is no wonder they subsequently have no wish to engage in debate with the voters, especially when difficult questions such as this may arise. Of course, neither we cannot expect the MSM to even mention this - why should they, when they do not - nay, are incapable of - writing about matters of importance with any objectivity. More recently a French journalist, Zemmour, who dared to write out immigration has 'come up against the state' As Ed West reports "Zemmour is not a “racist’, rather he’s an integrationist who thinks immigration has gone too far – but he’s come up against a political establishment that increasingly uses the law to enforce the popularity of its utopian vision. They’re determined to make Europe a carnival of cultures and anyone seen not enjoying themselves will be arrested."

And we in Britain believe we have a Muslim problem now????? Just you wait people - and worry some! Hark the approach of the Muslim Empire!

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Adam R. said...

Qaddafi must be drooling over such a prospect.