Saturday, 10 April 2010

Cameron In The Pink

FFS, now Cameron is interviewed by the 'gays' (odd, when I was at school, 'gay' meant 'happy'; but I digress) and repeats that he is "totally committed to the fight for gay rights and there will be absolutely no going back on equality legislation if a Conservative government is elected next month."

So straight away we now know that all those 'non-jobs' in the public sector promoting homosexuals, lesbians, black and ethnic minorities, trans-sexuals, little green men with three eyes and conservatives will not be cut. Narrows down the field for 'cuts' a tad, does it not, Dave?

Cameron also states: "On top of these policies, we have selected some brilliant gay and lesbian candidates – and in safe seats.......Just as my party has changed, so I am determined to change the country." statements which just demonstrates again 'central control' by our political leaders.

And this from the man and the party who castigated Labour for changing our society!

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