Monday, 12 April 2010

Forgive Them, They Knew Not What They Did

William Rees-Mogg has an article in The Times which is well worth reading. Discussing the reform of the Lords and what has gone before, he writes:

"The hereditary peers were less ambitious and less political than many of the life peers who have replaced them; they also knew more than most of us about defence matters and the countryside; they were more of a loss than most people realise......Another big change was the devolution of power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which was not carefully designed." (my emphasis)

Which just goes to show what happens when a load of 'idiots' are elected, idiots who do not bother to 'think through' their initial ideas and who introduce change as a result of pure 'class hatred' or ideology; or even worse, because a slogan 'vote for change' is seen as a means of gaining power.

To the voters in the forthcoming general election one has to say - do not commit the same mistake again by electing yet another load of idiots!

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subrosa said...

Oh people will still vote for idiots, more and more WFW. The social programming ensures that it will be thus.