Thursday, 1 April 2010

Gerald Warner Really Does Not Like Cameron - But Then Who, With A Brain, Does?

Man with sharp tongue speaks again!

"What is going on here? Who is running the Cameronian Party – Common Purpose? How is it conceivable that even the most bland, politically correct, centre-right “conservative” party could derive its flagship policy from the thinking of Alinsky, whose seminal work Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer? If, as one suspects, this is the brainchild of Oliver Letwin, he needs to be escorted expeditiously to the seclusion of a padded boudoir. Are the Tories totally demented?

In answer to Gerald's question - yup, they sure are! 

Update: Ed West don't like much either!

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IanPJ said...

Are the commentators stunned into silence again with this show of Communist/Fascist hybrid politics from Cameron which goes under many names - Transformational Marxism, Communitarianism, or ‘progressive politics - its all the same thing.

Well done Gerald Warner, Well done Ed West to speak out whilst they still can.

Without doubt Common Purpose are the Acorn of the UK.

I have written my take on this sorry state of affairs here.