Monday, 5 April 2010

God Help Democracy!

From Glen Oglaza, Sky News. If this is an example of the electorate's thinking, then God help us all!

"I've always known which party to vote for in the past, but this year I have no idea what to do.
Sarah Brown seems very nice, committed to her husband, and does a lot for charity. But then I saw Samanatha's interview and see that today she is on WebCam being really normal in a glamorous I'm-on-camera kind of way. I thought she seemmed very appealing, positively fragrant, and well worth voting for.
On the other hand, that Miriam Clegg seems very foxy in a sassy Spanish way that I find very appealing.
So I have no idea who to vote for. Think I might go Lib Dem this time, but I need to check out the Ukip leader's wife."

Needless to say - and quite understandable - this person's identity has not been disclosed, but if he/she believes that the 'nicest' leader's wife affects how a country is governed, one fears for the sanity of the electorate!


Anonymous said...

In a way it does matter. Whichever wife gives the best **** jobs will influence her husband's attitude well!

James Higham said...


Lord T said...

Well with the main parties being pretty much the same politically there is only the wives to differentiate.

Fingers crossed that Farages wife is a hottie. (But I suspect not. He spends too much time away. There must be a reason for that.)

Mrs Rigby said...

Pathetic isn't it.

But, that'll probably be why we now have 'Ladies that blog'