Monday, 5 April 2010

The Grayling 'Volte Face'

Gerald Warner has expressed an opinion on the above in his latest post and as usual Gerald 'talks sense'.

Yet again we have an example of what is wrong with our democracy today, in that an MP's private views are at variance with those of his party. As in such cases, the party wins and the errant MP is forced to issue a correction/retraction. Having expressed his view and then stating that he voted for the policy with which he disagrees, in fairness one has to ask whether his vote was 'whipped'. It also raises the question whether Grayling was content to issue the retraction as he did not wish to jeapordise his chance of a ministerial post and the enhanced salary that goes with it - which, in turn, makes a mockery of the stated aim of most politicians that they are in politics for the public good and not for personal gain.

Even MPs and MEPs, those considered by the public to be 'principled' men are not really. One thinks of Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan as prime examples in that they both belong to a party, one of whose core beliefs is in direct confrontation with their own beliefs where democracy is concerned. It is, I believe, an acknowledged fact that were they to stand as 'independents' they might well lose their seats, the reason being they would not have the financial resources to combat the spending power of the three main parties in areas such as advertising, help, etc.

The ability of any party to 'control' its MPs, treating them as 'voting fodder', is one of the main faults of our democracy. Are not MPs supposed to represent their constituents and, in so doing, represent the majority view of their constituents where the introduction of any new law is to be enacted?

It is a fact that a section of the electorate would elect a monkey if it wore the 'right coloured' rosette and unfortunately it is also obvious that they have done that in the past and will no doubt continue so to do!

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