Friday, 9 April 2010

The Great Ignored

"So the theme of the Cameron campaign has been unveiled. The Tories will march to victory under the banner of the Great Ignored: the hard-working “little man” oppressed by having to pay tax and suchlike. The sort of person whom the social and political elite, Tory and Labour alike, tend to, well, ignore, except at election time."

Exactly, Tim!

I would add and repeat previous remarks of mine: the political elite who talk at us, instead of to us; the political elite who deceive the electorate by refusing to discuss openly and honestly questions and matters of the day; the political elite who, in apparent connivance with the MSM, refuse to acknowledge or debate with other parties; the political elite who are all prepared to hand over our sovereignty to a federal state.

And the majority of the electorate seem to still wish to vote for the three main parties???

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Adam R. said...

Misleading comment of the day from BBC:

"Tory win 'would not boost independence case'‎"

The subject in question is Scotland from the UK. Not the UK from the EU.