Thursday, 1 April 2010

The MSM Strikes Back!

Rory-Cellan Jones has a post - typical BBC content - in which he attempts to 'rubbish' the influence that bloggers may have on the results of the forthcoming general election.

In particular, he highlights Tim Montgomerie's rant against an argument between a Conservative-supporting newspaper and a blogger from the right about whether criticism of David Cameron's leadership is appropriate so soon before an election. Montgomerie argues that it's madness for right-wing bloggers to lob grenades at their own side.

Come on, Tim - I hardly think right-wing bloggers lobbing grenades against a centre-left, 'labour-lite', party can be classified as lobbing grenades at your own side!


James Higham said...

Conservative Home don't stop there - they then attack the icons of the party and list them on the list of enemies. Amazing.

Ian E said...

ConHome has truly turned into an altar placed at the feet of greatness (David Cameron). I have a feeling Tim Montgomerie must be closely related to Ben Brogan, the other Cameron sycophant. Can't possibly be that the two of them wish to have jobs with Dave, can it?

Truly the Conservatives have become the listening party - 'they' tell us what we should believe, say and do, and we, well, we listen! Meanwhile, if you should have any discordant beliefs, you must be a labour troublemaker, or, that most dreadful of saboteurs, a UKIP 'troll' (sic).

Witterings From Witney said...

Could not agree more Ian E - but then I guess you knew I would!